Eating Out - Lesson 1 - Self-evaluation Quiz:

En la Barra de un Café

(At a Café Counter)

(photo by  GothPhil used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
barra de un cafe


SITUATION 1: You are in a cafe and you want to know what kind of hors d'oeuvres they have. How do you ask the waiter?

SITUATION 2: You and your wife are in a Spanish café: Speaking for both of you, tell the waiter to bring you a coffee and a beer.

SITUATION 3: After the coffee your wife wants some water. How do you ask the waiter to bring a glass of water?

SITUATION 4: You are at the counter of a cafe. Ask the waiter for an order of clams.

SITUATION 5: You are at a café with some Spanish friends. How do you ask them what they are going to have?

SITUATION 6: You want to order another round of drinks. Tell the waiter: "Bring another beer and another glass of wine, please."

SITUATION 7: Someone asks you if you like Spanish wines. Say: "Yes, I like the wines of Spain."

SITUATION 8: Someone asks you if you like Spanish whiskey. How do you say that you don't like Spanish whiskey, but that you like Spanish wine?

SITUATION 9: After finishing your drinks and hors d'oeuvres, how do you ask for the check?

SITUATION 10: The waiter tells you that the bill is 268 pesetas. As you hand him three hundred pesetas, tell him to keep the change.


Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. ¿Qué tapas hay? /'¿Que tapas tienen?

2. Tráiganos un café y una cerveza.

3. Traiga un vaso de agua, por favor.

4. Póngame una ración de almejas. / Una ración de almejas, por favor.

5. ¿Qué váis a tomar?

6. Traiga otra cerveza y otro chato, por favor. / Traiga otra caña y otro chato, por favor. / Traiga otra cerveza y otro vaso de vino, por favor.

7. Si, me gustan los vinos de España.

8. No me gusta el güisqui español, pero me gusta vino español.

9. La cuenta, por favor.

10. Quédese con la vuelta.

11. What are you going to have? (¿Qué va a tomar?)

12. He asked: "Do you like Spanish beer? (¿Te gusta la cerveza española?)

13. Guys, what are we going to have? (Chicos, ¿qué vamos a tomar?)

14. Three hundred and fifty-five pesetas. (Trescientas cincuenta y cinco pesetas.)