Getting around - Lesson 2 - 

Self-evaluation Quiz:

¿Hay una gasolinera cerca de aquí?

(Is there a gas station near here?)

(photo by  José Miguel used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


SITUATION 1: You are driving through a town in Spain. Your gas gauge shows that you need gas. Ask a passerby: "Is there a gas station near here"?

SITUATION 2: Ask in Spanish: "Where is El Bodegón Restaurant located"?

SITUATION 3: You have received some directions from a policeman. How would you thank him?

SITUATION 4: You drive into a gas station to buy gas. How do you tell the attendant to fill up the tank?

SITUATION 5: At a gas station, tell the attendant to put in 20 liters for you.

SITUATION 6: Tell the station attendant that your tires need air.

SITUATION 7: Your car needs oil. How do you ask the attendant to put in a liter of oil for you?

SITUATION 8: After having the tank filled with gas, ask the attendant what you owe him.


Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. ¿Hay una gasolinera cerca de aquí?

2. ¿Dónde quéda el restaurante el Bodegón? OR ¿Dónde esta el restaurante El Bodegón?

3. Muchas gracias.

4. ¡Llena el depósito, por favor!

5. Póngame veinte litros.

6. Las llantas necesitan aire.

7. Póngame un litro de aceite.

8. ¿Qué le debo?

9. Yes, there is one in the Plaza de Colón. (Si, hay una en la Plaza de Colón.)

10. No, there isn't one near here. (No, no hay ninguno cerca de aquí.)

11. Turn left at that corner. The restaurant is on the right. (Gire a la izquierda en esa esquina. El restaurante está a la derecha.)

12. Turn right at that street and continue straight ahead to the gas station.

 (Giren a la derecha en esa calle y sigan derecho hasta la gasolinera.)

13. All done. It is one thousand five hundred (for) the gas and two hundred the oil. 

(Listo. Son mil quinientas la gasolina y doscientas el aceite.)