Getting around - Lesson 3 - 

Self-evaluation Quiz:

¿Me podría arreglar el coche?

(Could you fix my car?)

(photo by  Oscar Cortés used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
taller mecánico


SITUATION 1: You need to have some work done on your car. Ask someone if there is an auto shop nearby.

SITUATION 2: A friend has just recommended the Cabrera Auto Shop. Ask him if it is far from where you are.

SITUATION 3: You want to thank a lady who gave you some directions. How would you say: "Thank you very much, ma'am"?

SITUATION 4: How would you ask a mechanic if he could fix the car for you?

SITUATION 5: Your car has become unreliable. How would you tell a mechanic that your car sometimes doesn't start?

SITUATION 6: The mechanic asks what's wrong with the car. How would you tell him that you don't know but that you think it is the carburetor?

SITUATION 7: A mechanic tells you that he can't fix your car today. Ask him if you can bring it in tomorrow morning.


Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. ¿Hay un taller mecánico de aquí?

2. ¿Queda lejos de aquí? / ¿Queda lejos de aquí ese taller?

3. Muchas gracias, señora.

4. ¿Me podría arreglar el coche?

5. A veces no arranca. / El coche a veces no arranca.

6. No sé. Creo que es el carburador.

7. ¿Puedo traerlo mañana por la mañana?

8. It's two or three blocks from here. (Queda a dos o tres manzanas de aquí.)

9. What's wrong with it? (¿Qué es lo que tiene?)

10. I'll take a look right away. (Pues le echo un vistazo enseguida.)

11. It is necessary to tune up the engine. (Hay que poner punto el motor.)

12. It is necessary to fix the radiator, but I don't have time today.

 (Hay que arreglar el radiador, pero hoy no tengo tiempo.)

13. Bring it in Wednesday afternoon. (Tráigalo el miércoles por la tarde.)