Getting around - Lesson 4 - Conversation:

¡Taxi, taxi!

(Taxi! Taxi!)

(photo by  Diab.M used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


Sargento Hudson:

Está libre, ¿no?

You are free, aren't you?


Sí, señor.

Yes, sir.

Sargento Hudson:

Al aeropuerto, por favor.

To the airport, please.


¿A Barajas?

To Barajas?

Sargento Hudson:

Sí, a Barajas.

Yes, to Barajas.


¿Tiene equipaje?

Do you have any luggage?

Sargento Hudson:

Solo una maleta.

Only one suitcase.

Sargento Hudson:

¿Puede ir un poco más rápido? Tengo prisa.

Can you drive a little faster? I am in a hurry.


Lo siento. Voy a ochenta. Es el máximo.

I am sorry. I'm going eighty. It's the maximum.

Sargento Hudson:

Pare aquí, por favor. Cuánto le debo?

Stop here, please. How much do I owe you?


Son seiscientas cuarenta pesetas, más veinte por la maleta.

It is 640 pesetas, plus twenty for the suitcase.

Sargento Hudson:

Tome. Quédese con el cambio.

Here you are. Keep the change


Gracias. Buenas tardes.

Thank you. Good afternoon.


Notes on conversation

Al  aeropuerto, "to the airport."

al= a+el

Taxi drivers in Madrid, when in service within the city limits, charge according to the amount shown on a meter. When a taxi driver is asked to travel beyond the city limits, the fare should be settled before the passenger enters the cab.

When a taxi is available, a sign with the word LIBRE is displayed behind the windshield. At night, an available taxi also has a green light on top.

There will be an extra charge for luggage.