Getting around - Lesson 4 - 

Self-evaluation Quiz:

¡Taxi, taxi!

(Taxi! Taxi!)

(photo by  Diab.M used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


SITUATION 1: You walk out the front door of your hotel and see a cab at the taxi stand. Ask the cabdriver if he is free.

SITUATION 2: Ask your friend, Manolo, if he is free this weekend.

SITUATION 3: Tell the cabdriver: "To the Meliá Hotel, please."

SITUATION 4: How would you say to a cabdriver; "Only one small suitcase"?

SITUATION 5: You have flagged down a taxi. The driver asks whether you have any suitcases. Tell him in Spanish: "No, I don't have any luggage."

SITUATION 6: Someone is driving you to the base and you're running late. How do you ask him if he can go a little faster?

SITUATION 7: You have asked a Spaniard a question and you have trouble understanding his answer. How would you ask him to speak slower?

SITUATION 8: How would you ask a cabdriver to stop at the next corner?


Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. ¿Está libre?

2. Manolo, ¿estás libre este fin de semana?

3. Al Hotel Meliá, por favor.

4. Sólo una maleta pequeña.

5. No, no tengo equipaje.

6. ¿Puede ir un poco más rápido?

7. ¿Puede hablar más despacio, por favor?

8. Pare en la próxima esquina, por favor.

9. I cannot go faster. I am sorry. ("No puedo ir más rápido lo siento.")

10. Five hundred and seventy pesetas. ("Quinientas setenta pesetas.")