Getting to know you - Lesson 1 - 

Self-evaluation quiz:

Saludos y Presentaciones 

(Greetings and Introductions)

(photo by  Oleg Mirabo used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
Saludos y Presentaciones



SITUATION 1: You and your wife are attending a party at the home of Mr. Alvarez. It is 8 p.m. Greet Mr. Alvarez and introduce your wife, Nancy, to him.


SITUATION 2: You run into some friends one afternoon. Greet them and ask how they are.


SITUATION 3: You visit a friend for the first time and you are very impressed with the house. Tell your friend: "This is beautiful."


SITUATION 4: You are introducing Mr. and Mrs. Suárez to your friend, Jack Hudson. What do you say?


SITUATION 5: During dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Serrano say something nice about your house. How do you respond to their compliment?


SITUATION 6: You are Jim Hudson and are introduced to Mr. García. How do you say to him: "Glad to meet you--Jim Hudson"?


SITUATION 7: You are Mrs. Hudson. What would you say to Mr. García when you are introduced to him?


SITUATION 8: Mr. González introduces his Wife to you. How do you respond?


SITUATION 9: You want to introduce your friend María to Mr. and Mrs. Suárez. What do you say to them?



Key to self-evaluation quiz

1. Buenas noches. Señor Álvarez, ésta es Nancy, mi mujer.

2. Buenas tardes, ¿cómo están ustedes?

3. Esto es precioso.

4. Jack, éste es el señor Suárez y su señora.

5. Muy amables. OR Ustedes son muy amables.

6. Encantado, Jim Hudson. OR Mucho gusto. Jim Hudson.

7. Encantada. OR Mucho gusto.

8. Encantado. If you are a lady, Encantada.

9. Quiero presentarles a mi amiga María.

10. Come this way. I want to introduce some friends to you.  (Vengan por aquí. Quiero presentarles a unos amigos.)