Getting to know you - Lesson 2 - 

Self-Evaluation Quiz

¿Hace mucho que estáis aqui?

(Have you been here long?)

(photo by  Alex Alonso used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
Saludos y Presentaciones


SITUATION 1: You assume that Mr. Alvarez is from Madrid. How would you ask him in Spanish to make sure?

SITUATION 2: Your friend Manolo wants to know where your friend Carmen is from. Tell him that she is American.

SITUATION 3: How do you ask your friend Pablo if he has been in Madrid a long time?

SITUATION 4: It is only seven hours since you stepped out of the plane onto Spanish soil. How would you answer someone asking you how long you have been in Spain?

SITUATION 5: Your friends Manolo and Pilar try their English with you. You want to compliment them in Spanish. What do you say?

SITUATION 6: How do you ask someone if he speaks English?

SITUATION 7: The Serranos are asking you and your wife if you like Torrejón. Answer for the two of you that you like Torrejón very much.

SITUATION 8: You are spending the day in Toledo, and Manolo asks you if you like the city. How would you say that you love it?

SITUATION 9: Assume that you and your spouse are in Granada. Someone asks you how you like it. How would you say: "We love it"?

SITUATION 10: Someone asks you: ¿De dónde es usted? What do you answer?

SITUATION 11: You and your spouse have been in Spain for seven months. Someone asks you: ¿Hace mucho que ustedes están en España? How would you answer?”


Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. Usted es de Madrid, ¿verdad?

2. Carmen es americana. / Es americana.

3. ¿Hace mucho que estás en Madrid?

4. Solamente siete horas. / Hace solamente siete horas que estoy en España.

5. Manolo, Pilar, ¡qué bien habláis el inglés!

6. ¿Habla usted inglés? / ¿Hablas inglés?

7. Sí, nos gusta mucho Torrejón.

8. Me encanta.

9. Nos encanta.

10. Soy de los Estados Unidos. / Soy de... (the name ofyour state)

11. Hace siete meses. / Hace siete meses que estamos aquí. /Hace siete meses que estamos en España.

12. He is suggesting that you say tú to each other.  (Perdón, ¿por qué no nos tuteamos?)

13. He said: You like Carmen, don't you? (Te gusta Carmen, ¿verdad?)

14. He want to know if you speak Spanish. (¿Habla usted español?)

15. How well you speak Spanish! (¡Que bien habláis el español)