Shopping - Lesson 1 - Self-evaluation Quiz:

En un Mercado al Aire Libre

(In an Open-Air Market)

(photo by  Dorli Photography used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
mercado de san miguel


SITUATION 1: You are at a plaza where you see a stand full of beautiful hats and other items. How do you ask: "How much do you want for that hat"?

SITUATION 2: At a souvenir stand you see some cuff links that you like. How do you ask how much those cuff links cost?

SITUATION 3: You ask the price of a table linen set and are told a price higher than expected. How do you say: "Why so expensive"?

SITUATION 4: At a souvenir stand you see a picture frame you like. How do you say: "How much do you want for that"?

SITUATION 5: Having been quoted a price of two hundred and fifty pesetas for a basket, you want to ask the seller if he won't give it to you for two hundred pesetas. How do you say this?

SITUATION 6: The price the seller quoted for a pitcher is, in your opinion, too high. You want to ask for a little discount. How do you say this?

SITUATION 7: You have decided to buy a music box and a basket. How do you say: "I'll take the music box and the basket"?

SITUATION 8: You are looking at a pair of earrings and you want to find out what they are made of. How do you ask: "What are these earrings made of"?

SITUATION 9: You are quoted a price for a mantilla when another one catches your eye. How do you ask the seller: "And that one"?


Self-evaluation Quiz

1. ¿Cuánto quiere por ese sombrero?

2. ¿Cuánto valen esos gemelos?

3. ¿Por qué tan cara?

4. ¿Cuánto quiere por eso?

5. Me lo deja en doscientas pesetas, ¿no?

6. ¿No me hace una rebajita?

7. Me llevo la caja de música y el cesto.

8. ¿De qué son estos pendientes?

9. ¿Y ésa?

10. Because it is handmade. (Porque está hecha a mano.)

11. Take it for two thousand. (Lléveselo por dos mil.)

12. It is made of mother-of-pearl and fine quality wood.  (Es de nácar y madera fine.)