Shopping - Lesson 3 - Self-evaluation Quiz:

En un Almacén

(At the Department Store)

(photo by   Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
Saludos y Presentaciones


SITUATION 1: You are in a department store and want to tell the clerk you need a long-sleeved shirt. How do you say this?

SITUATION 2: Tell the department store clerk you would like a pair of pants for your son.

SITUATION 3: You are looking at some shirts. How do you say: "I like this blue one"?

SITUATION 4: You see a pair of shoes that you like. How do you ask the clerk if you can try them on?

SITUATION 5: You've tried on a sports coat, but it's too big. Tell the clerk that it's too big for you.

SITUATION 6: You've tried on a pair of pants, size 38, but they're too small. Ask the clerk, "Do you have a pair of pants like these, but size 40"?

SITUATION 7: You've tried on a white shirt and a blue one. Tell the clerk: "I like this white one."

SITUATION 8: How would you tell the salesclerk that you like the black shoes, but they are too tight?

SITUATION 9: Tell the clerk that you like the red blouse, but not the green.


Key to Self-evaluation quiz

1. Necesito una camisa de manga larga.

2. Quisiera unos pantalones para mi hijo.

3. Me gusta ésta azul.

4. ¿Puedo probármelos?

5. Es demasiado grande para mí.

6. ¿Tiene unos pantalones como éstos, pero talla cuarenta?

7. Me gusta ésta blanca.

8. Me gustan los zapatos negros, pero son demasiado estrechos.

9. Me gusta la blusa roja, pero no la verde. OR Me gusta la blusa roja, pero la verde, no.

10. What size do you wear? (¿Qué talla usa?)

11. Try these on. (Pruébese éstos.)

12. Kindly pay at the register. (Sírvase pagar en la caja.)